• Stashable 10-count pack for easy immune support on the go.* Great for traveling and the office — only 1 g of pure cane sugar per gummy Elderberry
  • Gummies may help support your immune system so you can power through your day without missing a beat*
  • Premium Haschberg Black Elderberries grown in Europe: you deserve the best, so we make our gummies with some of the best berries around, providing the equivalent of 1.7 g of elderberry (Sambucus nigra) per gummy
  • Vitamin C and Zinc: 2 key elements for keeping up a healthy immune system. We added both for even more immune support benefits*
  • Yummy, chewy gummies you can take daily: tastes delicious and berry sweet so you’ll never want to miss a day of immune-supporting goodness*
  • Pectin-based: that means no gelatin or animal byproducts in our gummies